My mission at Alia Weston Jewellery is to create wearable art that connects beauty with well-being and purpose.

My vision is to spread the nurturing joy of living a life surrounded by beauty and art that creates wellbeing.

Through Alia Weston Jewellery I promote care and respect for authentic artisan practices through all parts of my
business. I prioritise collaborations with fellow creative businesses that value community wellbeing. Beyond the jewellery
making, from the photo-shoots, to the website and even the boxes (watch this space, coming soon!!), I share the work of
fellow artists and designers. I contribute to educational empowerment by providing mentoring and training for
socially responsible artists and designers.

Handmade for you, with love! ♡⁠


I design jewellery for art lovers who believe in the nurturing power of living a life surrounded by beauty that has purpose.


  • Love being surrounded by wearable art and design that tells a meaningful story.
  • Value fine artisan practices that promote well-being, community care and cultural respect.
  • Collect distinctive jewellery to accentuate your unique style, and make a powerful statement that shows respect and care for fine artisan craft


I was 12 when I caught the jewellery bug with my childhood bestie Catherine Anyango Grünewald (also an acclaimed artist). Using my mum’s sewing box (and a big stone – yes a stone!) we made Coca Cola bottle-top earrings and proudly sold them at a craft fair in Nairobi! Fast-forward, and I fell in love with precious metal wire work and lace-making while studying a BA in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Allied Crafts at London Metropolitan University, UK.  In 2004, I established Alia Weston Jewellery to share my love for contemporary wearable art.

Design is a way for me to celebrate my mixed-heritage. South African, Cape Malay culture, kindled my love for beaded lace clothing and home-wares that are treasured for special occasions, while my English heritage sparked my fascination for lace-making. Raised in Zimbabwe and Kenya, lush nature offers abundant inspiration for my organic designs. Using delicate motifs, like flower petals, I painstakingly weave precious wire into intricate sculptural jewellery for your enjoyment. My innovative technique has been honoured in the jewellery industry. My ‘Celestial Dust’ Collar, received a Silver Award from the Goldsmith’s Craftsmanship & Design Awards, while my my ‘Petals Embrace’ silver rose bodice was commended by the British Jewellers Association.

Love for the arts, education and responsible business led me to become a Professor at OCAD University in Toronto, where I have the privilege of supporting emerging artists and designers to realise their dreams of starting creative businesses. Though Alia Weston Jewellery, I am excited to show them how it’s done. When you work with me you are playing a part in empowering future generations of creative entrepreneurs!

When you wear a piece of Alia Weston Jewellery, you’ll make an everlasting statement at any occasion. You’ll radiate elegance wearing pieces of unique art. You’ll wow in couture that resemble delicate flowers or fur!

Are you ready to make a statement? Head over to my shop today! ♡⁠



Collaboration with talented, creative and loving people is a special ingredient, for me, at Alia Weston Jewellery. Each one of the artists who have collaborated with me went the extra mile to create the truly wonderful outcomes that you will find here on this website, and woven into everything that goes on behind the scenes.

  • JAY JOO – of JJSTUDIO Toronto collaborated with me on my 2018 Exhibition at JJSTUDIO. Jay also supports me by making a custom earring attachment for my African Rose Studs.
  • SALISA JATUWERAPONG – Is a talented experience designer, maker and VR/AR enthusiast. Salisa worked with me in 2018-2019 as a workshop assistant while studying at OCAD University.
  • ZIYI WANG – A talented jeweller and digital artist worked with me in 2018-2019 as a workshop assistant while studying at OCAD University.
  • GILAD COHEN – Took the wonderful portrait of me on this page. He is a talented photographer and human rights activist. @mrgiladcohen @jayucanada
  • SAMI FORTUNE WINTON – Another talented photographer took the portrait of the male model wearing the flower lapel pin. @samifortune @thefortunecollection


Over the summer of 2018, I collaborated on a photoshoot and re-branding exercise with a wonderful team of artists:

  • JULIE RIEMERSMA – The beautiful photographs in this site are the work of Julie Riemersma, a Toronto/ Amsterdam-based fashion photographer. Julie has a magical eye for detail. It was a pleasure to co-design the concept in a way that perfectly reflects my brand. @julieriemersma
  • SINDHU SENTHILNATHAN – The model’s hair and makeup is the work of talented make-up artist and stylist Sindhu Senthilnathan. Sindhu has a knack for creating any look you want, with a sparkling attitude of excitement! @sndhurella
  • LESLIE-ANN SMITH – The backgrounds in the photographs are all original art, custom-made for the photoshoot by visual artist Leslie-Anne Smith. Leslie is an accomplished portrait artist with an evocative, bold style that speaks emotion.
  • SHARENE SHAFIE – My gorgeous model (both inside and out) is Sharene Shafie, a Toronto born Egyptian-Filipina artist and social innovator. Sharene’s mixed-heritage and work in social impact make her the perfect representative of my brand.
  • MISHAL WESTON – This website is the work of my (Alia’s) sibling Mishal, a brilliant multi-disciplinary designer, artist and photographer. Mishal elevated the Alia Weston Jewellery brand to the next level through this site. @mishalweston


My 2019 bridal photoshoot was a glamorous outdoor garden wedding collaboration:

  • ANASTASIA – Is a talented photographer based in Toronto who creates elegant, timeless photographs. Anastasia created our beautiful garden themed wedding look-book with her expert eye. @stasia.photo
  • ANTONELLA CUMBO – Is an award-winning hairdresser. Her special power is creating styles to individually suit each client’s natural beauty. Antonella created different hair styles to suit each of the looks in our lookbook. @antonellacumbo
  • SHANNON VOISIN – The model Shannon, a sweet and lovely human, and a joy to work with. Smart and beautiful, Shannon’s passion is working in inclusive childhood education. @shannonvoisin
  • SINDHU SENTHILNATHAN – With passion and excitement, again Sindhu created beautiful make-up looks for our shoot. @sndhurella